These 4 Simple Exercises To Train Your Abdominal Muscles

Having six pack abs has been the dream of many men and women from the past until now. Here are four simple movements to build your abdominal muscles.

To have a six pack stomach is sometimes not easy for some people. The reason is that in several instances some people seem to have a lifestyle that is rarely used for sports.

For example, active students on campus are often busy with various activities. It could also be an office worker who is often preoccupied with a monotonous work environment.

As a result, instead of being able to have an ideal body, the body will actually experience a buildup of fat, especially on the stomach because of the lack of exercise.

To be able to achieve a six pack body, the main thing to pay attention to is core training or abdominal muscles. With the right training patterns, the transformation of the body will be even more optimal.

Intrigued by how to train your core muscles so you can have a six pack stomach? The following is the sports news editor, INDOSPORT, which summarizes four simple movements that can make a stomach box, as reported by the YouTube channel Warrior Made.

Keep in mind that these four movements are done in just 30 seconds per each movement. So that overall this exercise will only take 2 minutes.

1. Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back and make your hands form a jewel that is positioned under the buttocks. Bend your legs 90 degrees and bring your head up slightly so you can see your thighs.

Try to lift both legs that are still bent. Make it a habit to inhale when your feet are down and exhale when your feet are on the other side.

2. Knelling Plank

As the name implies, this time the movement involves a kneeling position. Position your body like a plank as usual, only now the position of both knees hit the floor.

Slowly slide the hands used to support the upper body back to give an optimistic effect. Try to hold onto the bada so that it can further strengthen the shape of the stomach core.

3. The Mountain Climber

The movement this time looks as if the body is going to climb a mountain. To begin with, position your body like a running stance and put your feet on the back.

Alternately, do the leg movements from top to bottom with your hands still supporting your upper body. If this is too difficult, you can also place your hands on a chair or object much higher than the footstool.

4. Kneeling Inchworm

Position the body similar to the Mountain Climber, only for this movement put a little pressure on the stomach. Bring your hands closer to your knees and hold them as hard as possible.

Then simply move the hands like walking while still putting pressure on the stomach. Do this movement back and forth as much as possible. Hands are required to be straight when moving from top to bottom.

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