Officers Of The Pennsylvania House Of Representatives

House (Tv Series)

When Wilson tells House he has no intention of spending the remainder of his life in and out of hospitals, the 2 men get right into a fight over it. Wilson goes backwards and forwards over his decision, but in the long run, House realizes that six months is healthier than nothing and accepts Wilson’s determination. House plans on spending his remaining time with Wilson, but one of House’s pranks goes horribly mistaken which leads to the revocation of House’s parole and his imminent return to jail. However, House and Cuddy break up and House reacts by driving his automotive through Cuddy’s front room with Wilson breaking his wrist in the process. He reconnects along with his first wife Sam on the internet and they’re soon relationship and, quickly after that, planning to live together.

Recurring Characters

The last scene cross cuts between photographs of Cameron and Chase’s wedding and Wilson driving House to Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. The rest of the Princeton-Plainsboro group fortunately seems on at the wedding ceremony, whereas House and Wilson share a poignant, silent goodbye. For 4-plus seasons, we watched these two passionate medical doctors cope with their sexual pressure by butting heads …